Dondrille LeFleurs original logo and package design before Veraqua rebranding
Dondrille LeFleurs' gourmet grocery offerings needed a brand and packaging to match their premium products.
In a fortuitous turn of events, the owner of Dondrille LeFleurs had already done due diligence and decided upon a new brand name with a unique spelling that would allow for an easier path on the trademarking journey.
They had a very clear idea as to their brand and color story, making many of the myriad of elements within the brand development move more rapidly.
After establishing the new logo, a comprehensive logo suite and brand guidelines were developed. 
Subsequently, a package design was developed using varied substrates to allow for further shelf presence differentiation. Please view the Ahmesa Project Page for additional imagery.
Dondrille LeFleurs rebranding with new name—Ahmesa— and its new tag line—To The Table. Logo makes use of a Mediterranean color palette and is inspired by the ceramics and tiles of the region.

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