More than a logo alone, branding is your anchor. Naming, usage guidelines, colors, sound environment, and more might be needs for your brand.


We love packaging. We love thinking outside of the box (pun humor!) and creating something unique while still meeting the needs.


Got a little widget that you need silhouetted for your catalog? Need a shot of 17 Draft Horses in your custom ribbon tutus? Yeah, we can do that.


Case Studies

We've done a lot of work during the last 20 years and we don't have everything on this website. So, if you want to know if we have worked in a specific industry or with a unique material, just ask. We pinky-promise that we will tell the truth and will not harass you will calls afterwards trying to get you to hire us. You either want to work with us, or you don't. No biggie.

You rang?

While we are based in New York, we work with clients all over the U.S. and beyond. If you need us to come visit you, we are happy to do so. Do you fear close contact? Video chat works well, too.


Next Steps...or leaps...

If you would like a project quote, to find out a bit more about what we do, or just want to reach out to say hi, please feel free to send us a note on our contact page or you can phone us at 929-260-1798