What’s in a Name?

So much, so very much. A name starts telling your story from its first utterance or appearance. It is because of this that it is crucial to get the name — be it for a food product, a pharmaceutical, or a tech-sector company — correct.

A mediocre name can certainly be overshadowed by a great product or service, but a bad name can keep customers away and maybe even give an existing one an excuse to walk away.

An example of poor naming is Amour de Hair, a small group of hair salons in New York City. We think that they were trying to convey “For the love of hair” by using the French “Amour de…” What did they actually name their salons, places that are supposed to provide beauty and repose? Love to Hate.

Amour de Hair Signage

Granted, the majority of their clientele may not know French and this translation, but for those that do, it’s safe to assume that you have lost those potential clients if they haven’t had the opportunity seen the quality of your work and services.

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