Wordsmithery: Trendy

Welcome to our new feature — Wordsmithery! Every now and again we will talk about a specific word’s usage, spelling, definition, and more. Usually we will identify and then correct the common misuse of a word.

We’d been noticing that the word trendy is being used more often in media and it is being used inappropriately.

Tren•dy adjective

  1. of, in, or pertaining to the latest trend or style
  2. following the latest trends or fashions; up-to-date or chic
  3. appealing to faddish taste

When you hear or see “trendy”, think about its usage. Is it being used correctly or instead of saying, “This is good, you want this.”? Technically, “trendy” does not signify whether something is good nor bad. Rather, trendy’s connotation as a positive or negative attribute is determined at a personal level. Someone who prefers to have clothes or home goods that will endure changing fashion is not going to like something that is trendy. Whereas someone who wants the latest handbag or to paint their bedroom in the current in hue of lime green will gravitate toward items presented as trendy.

The irony is that “trendy” is just that — trendy. That is to say that the word itself is being used because it is, quite literally, in fashion. Another adjective will soon take its place. Something more correct…at least we hope so.

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