Veraqua (vər ‘akwə) is a created name. Hey, we work in branding, what did you really expect? Created from the name Vera and the word aqua, Veraqua referenced our founder’s favorite aunt as well as her love of water. Being a branding guru, Deb took the time to make sure that Veraqua’s roots and potential meanings would hold true to her design methods and missions. While there are many translations, most are rooted in Latin and these are the two most used.

  • Latin vera qua That is true
  • Italian vera qua True here

Veraqua was and is so applicable because first and foremost, we are honest with our clients. We want our clients to trust us with one of the most important aspects of their business: their brand.

Our Story

Veraqua was started at a kitchen table in South Boston after the tech bubble burst and burst hard. Our founder, Deb Liljegren initially created Veraqua as a way to make ends meet during that lean job market, but then she discovered how much she enjoyed working directly with the clients and solving their many branding and design challenges.

Over the years the company has evolved and adapted at the design marketplace has changed. It’s why we are now a boutique firm with  curated offerings and not all things to all people.

To learn more about what we do — and don’t do — just check out our services page.

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