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Illegal Images

“That’s a really interesting image, where did you get it?” “Google.” This brief exchange often incites a thorough search, removal, and replacement of images on websites and other electronic media. It’s also the first step to avoid massive fines and a dreaded lawsuit. When clients come to me, I explain that the work that I
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How much is too much?

It seems that there are new social media platforms appearing every day. Knowing which one — and it can be just one channel — to use can be overwhelming. Just look at the big seven: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Managing just 2 of these could be a full time job in
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New Site

We are updating our site during October so we appreciate your patience as we add new content each day.

ImageBrief Artwork

The New Stock Agencies

Once upon a time, there were just a handful of stock agencies and those agencies represented the best and the brightest in visual talent. Today, there are countless agencies that have online presences that will sell just about any quality image for any price. While this certainly opens up the marketplace for low-cost solutions, it
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Going Green with Just Green

One of the easiest ways to reduce environmental impact when doing printing is to use one ink only. This one-ink technique used to be done as a way to save money as the more inks you use, the greater the cost. With the significant improvements in digital printing and drop in cost, many people have
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Amour de Hair Signage

What’s in a Name?

So much, so very much. A name starts to tell your story from its first utterance or appearance. It is because of this that it is crucial to get the name — be it for a food product, a pharmaceutical, or a tech-sector company — correct. A mediocre name can certainly be overshadowed by a
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Wordsmithery at Veraqua

Wordsmithery: Trendy

Welcome to our new feature — Wordsmithery! Every now and again we will talk about a specific word’s usage, spelling, definition, and more. Usually we will identify and then correct the common misuse of a word. We’d been noticing that the word trendy is being used more often in media and it is being used inappropriately. Tren•dy adjective
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